Current campaigns and activities

  • Breast Health Day 15th October 2017
  • Increase the age of breast screening from 65 to 69. *This has been agreed in principle but not yet implemented.
  • Monitorig the implementation of the National Cancer Strategy 2017-2026
  • Better lymphoedema services
  • Better psycho-oncology services
  • Connect MBC Network Peer-to-peer support for women living with advanced or metastatic breast cancer

Annually: We host public information sessions following our annual general meeting.

Ongoing: We regularly publish Europa Donna Ireland e-newsletters.

Ongoing: We highlight breast cancer issues through traditional and social media.

Ongoing: We make submissions to relevant government commissions and working groups.

Ongoing: Our committee members and volunteers make use of education and networking opportunities such as EUROPA DONNA Pan-European conference, European Breast Cancer Conference, EUROPA DONNA advocacy training, EUROPA DONNA Advocacy Leader Conference, Advanced Breast Cancer conference.

Past campaigns and activities

From the foundation of Europa Donna Ireland our priorities have been campaigning for specialist breast centres and for screening. Ireland’s eight Specialist Breast Centres are now established. However, the national breast cancer screening programme BreastCheck is still not covering the recommended age range, promising to do so by 2021.

Annually: We encourage and co-ordinate events for Breast Health Day on 15th October.

2015: We participated in lobbying Irish MEPs for adoption of the written declaration “On the Fight Against Breast Cancer in the EU” (0017/2015)

2015: We published the leaflet Lymphoedema in Breast Cancer: Reduce your risk

2009: We published the leaflet 9 things you should know about breast cancer which was distributed to almost 800,000 households around the country. The leaflet won the Crystal Clear Literacy Award in April 2010. The leaflet was updated in 2014.

2007: We published the leaflet Specialist Breast Centres

2007: We published the leaflet Breast Cancer and Fertility

2008: We organised the national conference Surviving Breast Cancer

2006: We organised the national conference Best Results for Women

2006: We published the Irish Breast Cancer Charter

2004: We brought the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer campaign to Ireland