Get checked out

Most women who get checked out do not have breast cancer but it is very important:

  • From your 20s, to be breast aware and, if you notice any changes, to go to your GP. He or she will reassure you or send you to a Specialist Breast Centre
  • From your 50s, to accept your BreastCheck invitations and keep looking out for changes yourself by being breast aware. Even if you have had a BreastCheck mammogram recently and were given the all clear, if you find any symptoms you should go to your doctor, who may refer you to a Specialist Breast Centre.

You can also be referred to a Specialist Breast Centre by a doctor in a Well Woman or similar centre. See 9 for information about Specialist Breast Centres and 7 for more information on BreastCheck.

Download & print this guide

Irish Breast Cancer Charter9 things you should know about breast cancer (PDF 478KB)