Reduce your risk – About one third of breast cancer cases are related to being overweight and inactive

  • Eat a healthy well-balanced diet that is rich in fruit, vegetables and whole grain foods
  • Limit red meat, and other forms of animal fat
  • Limit sugary or fatty foods
  • alcohol - one glass per day
  • Keep to a healthy weight all your life
  • Take regular exercise – about 30 minutes every day

The choices you make about exercise, diet and weight can also reduce your chances of getting other cancers or serious diseases and always remember do not smoke

Breakthrough Breast Cancer has a very good publication on Risk at which lists risks under the headings Established, Possible and Doubtful.

Another reliable source of information is the WCRF/AICR 2nd Expert Report: Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective (2007) See at

EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition has declared 15 October Breast Health Day.  See for more information on healthy lifestyle and reduction of breast cancer risk.

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Irish Breast Cancer Charter9 things you should know about breast cancer (PDF 478KB)