More Than 50% Of Women Are Unaware Of Less Common Breast Cancer Symptoms


MORE THAN 50 per cent of women are unaware of less common breast cancer symptoms and over 30 per cent wait over a month to report their symptoms to their GP, a new study reveals. 

Organise a ‘BREAST STROKE FOR BREAST HEALTH DAY’ Event In Your Local Pool

Europa Donna Ireland today, joined by Swim Ireland, marked Breast Health Day by launching their campaign to make people more breast aware this October.

Co-operating for Cancer Care NorthWest

John Day, committee member of Co-operating for Cancer Care NorthWest, CCC(NW) truly reflected the feelings of all its members at the end of last night’s public information sharing session held in Letterkenny General Hospital regarding the new Radiotherapy Unit at Altnagelvin, when he stated, “As I stood with my friends in front of the display of plans for this new Radiotherapy Unit at Altnagelvin, my heart was bursting with pride for the part we played in securing this vital service for cancer patients in the North West Region”

EUROPA DONNA holds Information Breast Health Day event for MEPs at European Parliament

EUROPA DONNA – The European Breast Cancer Coalition, in collaboration with Nessa Childers MEP, held a Breast Health Day Information event for MEPs at the European Parliament on 10 October as an advance celebration of Breast Health Day and its message to young girls and women across Europe that healthy lifestyle choices can have a positive influence on breast cancer risk.

Join the 2012 Campaign ‘Make Good Choices For Your Breast Health”

Physical ActivityThrough our Breast Health Day 2012 campaign ‘Make Good Choices For Your Breast Health’, we are hoping to make as many women as possible more aware about prevention so they can make the healthy choices that can help prevent breast cancer.

How To Be Your Own Health Advocate, Tuesday 9th October 2012

Self advocacy is about taking a proactive approach to all stages of health and illness: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. When people take an active role in their care, research shows they fare better both in satisfaction and in how well treatments work. In this talk you will learn how to develop the skills to be a good self-advocate, communicate effectively with your doctors, evaluate the latest health news headlines and find the best health information online.

Lymphoedema Ireland Open Day, Saturday, 20th October 2012

Registration and Coffee 10.00-10.30 Bernadette Mc Court - My Personal Experience 10.30-11.00 Margarite Moore, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Radiation Oncology - Skin Care / Self Care 11.00-12.00

Breast Cancer and Exercise Talk


If you missed Monday's talk, you can catch up on our blog where we have a summary of what was discussed.

Election of new Chairperson to EDI Board


Dympna WatsonDympna WatsonEuropa Donna Ireland – the Irish Breast Cancer Campaign is pleased to announce the election of Ms Dympna Watson as chairperson.

Post treatment Yoga Courses

ARC Cancer Support Centre holds weekly yoga classes at its South Circular Road centre.

These classes can support and strengthen muscles after treatments, ease lymphodema, improve relaxation and generally improve both  focus and concentration.

VENUE:                  ARC Cancer Support Centre, 559 South Circular Road, Dublin 8

DATE/TIME:           Every Thursday from 11.30 to 12.30

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